PVC T-Cleats & V-Guides:
A Tradition of Excellence

Fabricated Extrusion Company, originally BF Goodrich, manufactures a full line of extruded products for the belt fabrication industry. We have been supplying products to conveyor belt fabricators throughout the US and Canada for over 40 years. We know this industry and what it takes to satisfy your requirements.

We manufacture a full line of general trade PVC belt cleats and v-guide sections. We also produce custom sidewalls, Urethane guides and cleats and other custom extruded products. All Flexco general trade items are stocked at our facilities for direct shipment to you. We can ship our complete line of inventoried products to you either same or next day. With extrusion services and stocking and warehousing in California, Missouri, and Maryland, we are ready to service all your belt cleat and v-guide requirements.

  • General Trade T-Cleats

    • ½” up to  4” Standard T-Cleats (Flexco Style)
    • 1” up to 4” Heavy and Beefy T- Cleats
    • 1” up to 3” Scoop T-Cleats
    • 1” up to 4” Econo Cleats (bolt on)
    • 1” up to 4” Square Top T-Cleats (Belt Concepts style)
  • General Trade Solid and Notched V Guides

    K8, O, A, B , C

  • Packaging

    All general trade items come in a variety of packaging sizes to meet any requirement. Cleats are packaged in 10 ft straight lengths as small as 100 ft per box and in bulk in a coiled configuration with up to 600 ft in a box. V Guides are provided in packs as small as 100 ft and up to 1200 ft on wooden flanged reels.

  • Application Examples

    • RF welded cleats
    • Sidewalls
    • TPU Urethane Cleats and V-Guides
  • Custom PVC Compounds

    • Colors: White and Black Standard and custom colors such as green, blue and yellow.
    • 75 Shore A standard hardness and softer grades of Flexible PVC for custom applications.
    • TPU- Urethane
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