Die Development

Developing an extrusion process is a complex and expensive engineering task. It incorporates numerous interacting phenomenon that are hard to predict with accuracy. Polymer flow physics is often sensitive to changes in temperature, pressure, speed, pull force, friction and unique properties of each type of material. Therefore, design of custom extrusion tooling heavily relies on knowledge of forces involved gained through decades of experience combined with a disciplined iterative design process: an initial die design must be modified incrementally and at great cost before a profile can be consistently extruded with good economy and to the exacting specifications demanded by our clients..

  • Die Development

    Utilizing world-class engineering and production personnel here at Fabricated Extrusion Company, we offer our customers expert resources for design & development of specialty extrusion dies at best-in-class economy. We utilize the most sophisticated flow simulation software on the market to ensure that even highly complex products are delivered with utmost quality, at cost, and on schedule. We have in-house capabilities to design and optimize the flow physics of polymers through the extrusion die and the cooling process of our parts with great precision. Combined with our in-house design engineering expertise and experience with custom compounding and rheology, we take pride in enabling our customers to innovate and succeed using the most efficient engineering and production solutions available.

  • Simulation Tools

    Using the state-of-the-art simulation tools, we model fluid flow characteristics of polymer melts inside even the most complex extrusion dies. Visualizing the results allows our engineering team to optimize and iterate the design of the extrusion dies rapidly, therefore greatly accelerating the product development timelines.