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Custom Profile Extrusions

Fabricated Extrusion Company is a leader in the custom extrusion industry. We take great pride in fabricating profiles that others can't deliver. With our turn-key capabilities, we can be a true partner in all aspects of your project. We thrive on jobs with unusual specifications, short lead-times and other challenges.

Custom Sheet Extrusions

Fabricated Extrusion Company manufactures a wide variety of custom extruded sheet products made from highly-engineered resins and commodity compounds.

We will fabricate sheets to your exact material specifications and dimensions. And we can cut it to length, die-cut the material, or provide it in rolls.

Conveyor Belt Cleats & Guides

Fabricated Extrusion Company, formerly BF Goodrich, manufactures a full line of extruded products for the belt fabrication industry. We have been supplying products to conveyor belt fabricators throughout the US and Canada for over 40 years. We know this industry and what it takes to satisfy your requirements.

We manufacture a full line of general trade PVC belt cleats and v-guide sections. We also produce custom sidewalls, Urethane guides and cleats and other custom extruded products. FEC stocks all Flexco general trade items at our facility near Springfield, Missouri for direct shipment to you. We can ship from our complete line of inventoried products to you either same or next day. With full extrusion services in California, Maryland, and Missouri, and stocking and warehousing facilities in Missouri, we are ready to service all your belt cleat and v guide requirements.

Strip Curtain

Vinyl strip doors and barriers are found on loading docks, interior plant passageways, freezers and personnel doors. Strip curtain doors and industrial barriers fabricated from vinyl sheet material will help save energy, improve worker comfort and safety and protect valuable products and equipment in virtually any industry.

Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets

Fabricated Extrusion Company manufactures the most complete line of replacement single and dual hardness refrigerator gaskets in the US with over 100 different gasket styles.

We have been supplying products to the OEM and replacement markets throughout the US and Canada for over 40 years. We supply PVC and Santoprene gasket profiles, magnet strips, and sealing equipment for gasket construction.

We stock all general trade gaskets at our facilities in California, Maryland, and Missouri for direct shipment to you. We also produce custom magnetic and compression seals for OEM applications like safety helmets, computer chip testing equipment, printers, medical equipment and many more.


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