We are Committed

Fabricated Extrusion Company, LLC is a GREEN PARTNER FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Many years ago we made a commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. Not just in a small way but in every way. We backed up that commitment with capital spending projects to reduce energy consumption and create renewable energy. We maintain an environmental focus on how we operate our business every day, all the time. Not just inside our walls but also with our customers. Its not just good for the environment, its good for business. Four key areas make up our Sustainability Program: Water reclamation and recycling, scrap and trim recycling, energy conservation, and renewable energy production.


Water Reclamation

In 1990, we installed our first water recovery system which reclaims, filters and reuses 100% of the water used in our manufacturing processes. By continually upgrading this system, we ensure we have the latest state-of-the-art technology and most energy-efficient systems available. We save millions of gallons of water every month and eliminate all waste water discharges from our production operation.

Trim Buyback Programs

As a compounder of Flexible PVC compounds, we understand plastics and what constitutes scrap vs reusable clean thermoplastics. Based on our extensive knowledge of resins and custom compounds we are able to recycle the vast majority of our off spec extrusion material back into future production runs. Any that cannot be used is sold to be used in other manufactured products. Nothing goes in the landfill. We also work closely with our customers to buyback any reusable trim created in their production processes. They work to keep trim pieces clean and segregated and we buy it back to be reused either in their products or in other lower spec items.

Energy Conservation

The extrusion process consumes a lot of energy. And we have plants and warehousing facilities that run 24 hour a day requiring high energy lighting. We have replaced every light in the company with low energy or LED and also installed motion detectors to reduce electrical usage. We constantly upgrade compressors, extruders and equipment with the most updated technology and an eye toward reducing energy consumption.

Solar Energy

In 2010, we made our largest investment ever in sustainability with the construction of a massive solar array at our facility. This project required a multi-million dollar investment and a significant reallocation of available space - and we are very proud of the results. This system generates 800,000 kW hours per year which represents 33% of our annual usage.


We are committed to being your GREEN Partner