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Manufacturing Capabilities

Fabricated Extrusion Company manages the manufacturing process from start to finish.  From the custom mixing of compounds to the manufacturing of packaging, our ability to control every step in the process enables us to deliver your project on budget, on spec, and on schedule.

Custom Compounding

Our roots extend back over 60 years to the company that invented PVC, TPE and dual extrusion processing. As a result, we can write custom compound recipes and custom mix flexible PVC and TPE compounds to meet your specifications. This unique capability allows us to shorten your lead-times by managing all aspects of your job in-house.

Die Development

Fabricated Extrusion Company's in house EDM wire burning and other tooling capabilities gives us total control over production requirements whether prototype or full production. And our ability to turn new tooling quickly gives you a competitive advantage.

Extrusion Process

To create a successful extrusion requires not only exacting technology and equipment, but also skilled mechanical engineers and operators who fully understand the impact of changing variables on the set-up and extrusion process. Our operators and engineers have many decades of combined experience which is how we deliver projects with difficult and unique specs that others said couldn't be done.

In-line Operations

We have the capability to add a wide range of in-line operations to your custom extrusion project including functions such as continuous ink-jet printing, laser measurement, vacuum calibration, and cutting to name a few.

Finishing Operations

Many projects require some type of finishing operation such as punching, welding, drilling, and die cutting. Once again Fabricated Extrusion offers all of these operations and more.


Every job has unique packaging requirements and Fabricated Extrusion Company also has the capability to custom fabricate corrugated box-board as well as other packaging materials.