In-Line & Finishing Operations

In-line operations are additional processes that refine the extruded product as it comes through the extrusion line such as ink jet printing and cutting to length. By offering in-line processes, we are able to enhance the end product for our customers in the most cost-effective way possible.

Many projects also require a finishing operation such as punching, welding, drilling, and die cutting. Once again Fabricated Extrusion offers all of these operations and more.

  • Examples of In-Line Operations

    • Laser measurement
    • Ink-jet Printing
    • Application of Adhesive or Other Material
    • Vacuum Calibration
    • Cutting to Length
    • Spooling
    • Taping
  • Examples of Finishing Operations Include:

    • Punching
    • Drilling
    • Notching
    • Welding
    • Joining
    • Die-Cutting
    • CNC Routing