Custom Compounding and Coloring

Our roots extend back over 60 years to the company that invented PVC, TPE and dual extrusion processing. As a result, we can write custom compound recipes and custom mix flexible PVC and TPE compounds to meet your specifications.

  • A custom compound recipe utilizes a base resin or polymer as the foundation, and then a mix of different resins, additives, and tints is added to create unique and desirable characteristics in the final product.

  • The ability to properly mix these ingredients into a unique recipe, and to understand how they will bond during the extrusion process, takes tremendous knowledge and experience. Because we have this capability in-house, we are able to maintain control of all aspects of your job, providing you with added accountability and reduced cycle times for your projects.

  • Characteristics Impacted by the Compound Recipe

    • Hardness / Flexibility
    • Durability
    • Fire Resistance
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Color
    • UV Stability
    • Temperature Stability
    • Finish